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The road to a fairer workplace starts here.

Most organisations realise that they need to create an inclusive working environment where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential; regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or disability. But the structures that hold people back and discriminate unfairly can be hard to identify and dismantle –the road to inclusivity isn’t always straightforward. FairPlay Employer is the commercial arm of a charity that’s been campaigning for equality for all women in our workplaces for 30 years. We’ve achieved a lot in that time. Working in partnership with employers of all sizes to put equality, diversity, and inclusive working practices at the heart of their organisations.

Those that have followed our programmes and workshops have achieved great things, significantly increasing diversity in their workforce, improving financial performance, and becoming more attractive as an employer. From General Dynamics to Gwent Police, from the Opel Vauxhall Finance to the Open University, and from Charles River Laboratories to Companies House, we’ve helped public bodies, charities, and private businesses across the country to become fairer places to work. We offer innovative, structured, and tailored solutions to support your diversity and inclusion ambitions. Supporting organisations and individuals to embed inclusivity into their everyday actions.

At FairPlay Employer, we’re setting the standard for equality and diversity. Together we can create a fairer workplace and unlock the unlimited potential of your workforce. Together, we’re unstoppable.