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FairPlay Employer offers a range of up-to-date solutions in the form of consultancy, courses, seminars, training and facilitated events. We will tailor our support to help you with any specific diversity and inclusion challenges you are facing.


Delivered over 2, 3 or 4 hour sessions, all our workshops are interactive and encourage exploratory learning. Participants leave equipped with best practice knowledge and the ability to apply this within their own workplace and role.

Focus Groups

Involving up to 16 of your staff, hosted by our experts who will subsequently provide you with a full report, analysing the feedback of staff, highlighting key themes and making recommendations for improvements to support effective change.


Designed to share best practice with your team, educating them on key topics and providing them with valuable takeaways to improve internal culture and process.

Policy Review

These can be undertaken at various levels and we will analyse your current policies and processes and provide feedback. This includes a rigorous gender lensing exercise that highlights potential process improvements and future training.

OPening up minds to the benefits of diverse thinking starts with addressing some of the following:

Unconscious bias

Recognise how
unconscious bias can
affect gender equality in
the workplace and put in
steps to counter this.

Recruitment + Selection

Inequalities can be
inadvertently reinforced and
recreated by recruitment
processes susceptible to
unconscious bias. We can
gender lens your current
processes, implement new
ways of recruiting and train
line managers in inclusive

Employer Brand

Create an inclusive
employer brand, which will
support you to become
more competitive;
attracting, engaging and
retaining better and more
diverse talent while
simultaneously improving

Employee Value Proposition

Establish your Employee
Value Proposition (EVP).
Providing best practice for
an equality driven EVP,
supporting you to retain
your top talent and boost
workforce loyalty.

Family Friendly Policies

Reviewing and developing
your policies; are your
current policies conducive to
equality, diversity and
provide an environment
where all employees can be
the best they can be?

Inclusive Working Environments

Discover the tangible
benefits and challenges to
your business of taking a
pro-active approach
to the new world of flexible
working. Ensure you staff are
equipped and managers
trained to support a remote
and agile workforce.


Menopausal women
is the fastest growing
demographic in the
workplace. By tackling this
issue and supporting you to
deal with this head on it can
support women to stay in
work, improve their health
and wellbeing ensuring as a
business you maintain your
experienced talent.

Men as Allies

Let’s work together to bring
about inclusive working
practices; we
all benefit but we need
support from everyone in
your organisations.

Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap reporting is
developing year on year.
Discover how to maximise
your data, go further than
simply reporting to ensure
you are seeing the benefits of
the information you capture
to drive equality through your